Lifesavers CPR/AED + First Aid Training
The life you save may be that of a loved one

This CPR class is operated by a mobile service in the San Diego County Area and

the Suburban area of Detroit:

The American Heart Association supplies all the equipment.
Adult, Child & Infant CPR / AED is covered along with Obstructed Airways for all ages.

$35 per person
Healthcare Provider classes are also available for only
$45 per person
First Aid classes are also available for only
$35 per person
A combination class of both CPR and First Aid is only
$58 per person
Pediatric CPR/First Aid class
$58 per person 
Certification is valid for two years through the American Heart Assoc.
San Diego Contact: -Dave & Anita  Helfman - (619) 772-8730 cell/Text  or (619)-227-4277 Cell/Text
email:  davehelfman8@gmail.com
Detroit Contact: --    Anita Helfman - (248)-910-2224 cell
email:  anitahelfman@yahoo.com